We are Creative

"I brought out some paper and some art supplies, we have glue, Pom poms, pipe cleaners, straws, googly eyes and more! Your friends and I sat back as you began exploring the items. You started by putting the loose parts onto the paper I asked you if they were going to stick you looked at me and I could see the wonder in your eyes I picked up your paper and told you they don’t stick what should we use? You were unsure, I suggested glue... you then began walking over to the art cart to see if you could find some glue. You grabbed 2 glue sticks and walked back over to the table! You soon realized it still wasn’t sticking! I grabbed you some white glue and a paintbrush, you then began painting the glue onto the paper I asked you now do they stick? You replied with “they're sticking teacher Aimee, they're sticking!” You were so excited!"