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Children's House

Riverbottom Program






At Children's House we recognize the benefits of outdoor play not only include fresh air, vitamin D and gross motor exercise but promotes a social connection to the environment, peers and community.  Our Riverbottom Program was created in 2019 by Leslee with the help of her co-educator, Jen, and is based out of one of our city’s most beautiful areas. 


Our program offers low child to educator ratios with emphasis on our day being child led and focused on the children's interests.  This program values the importance of providing opportunities for the children to to express their knowledge, build confidence and independence.   It focuses on the benefits of outdoor play, connecting with nature and it provides an opportunity for children to explore and gain self confidence in a child led environment.  Since 2019, Leslee and Jen have run over 17 successful riverbottom adventures with children from all our classrooms ranging in age from 2-6 years old!  Riverbottom Days are a day of positivity, of challenging ourselves to not say no, and to always be the "Best Day Ever!"


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