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"What an amazing opportunity!" ~Parent

"This is absolutely wonderful for the children and their development.  I 100% support risky play." ~Parent

"My son loved it!" ~Parent

"Best Day Ever! Team Red!" ~Parent/Educator

"I can not wait for the children to experience all day nature!" ~Parent

"What a great idea! Love that you are doing this!" ~Parent

"This is an exciting opportunity." ~Parent

"Love this idea." ~Parent

"Pretty lucky kids to have teachers willing to put together such an awesome adventure.  Thanks for all your hard work." ~Parent

"Thank you so much for taking them all out for this experience. They’re all pretty lucky to have providers like you guys." ~Parent

"These field trips bring warmth to my heart. Thanks!" ~Parent

"So much to learn when your classroom is nature! What a great day you all had." ~Grandma

"This is awesome, what a great way to spend the day!" ~Parent

"What a fabulous day you had. Rain, mud, rocks and sticks - it doesn’t get much better than that!" ~Grandma

"Wow! I love how risky play is being promoted through this outdoor adventure!! Risky play is so important! Thank you Leslee, It makes me happy to see that these children receive such high quality child care. You're a huge part to their development! In the words of my son, "you rock!"" ~Parent

"This is so wonderful and actually brought tears to my eyes!! I think you guys are all rockstars." ~Parent

"What a fabulous opportunity for the children! So much great play and learning." ~Grandma

"This is AMAZING! What a wonderful day. Love it!" ~Parent

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