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"We’ve only been with Children’s House Society for a short time but we are absolutely loving it!! The agency is well organized and their policies and procedures make me confident that my little one is in great hands.
I can’t say enough about my provider's day home! She has made the transition to day home so easy for my daughter and me! I can tell that my provider absolutely loves her job and the kids in her home. My daughter has a huge smile every time she sees her provider and comes home exhausted from all the fun!
Great place, I highly recommend!!" ~Parent

"Having Storypark has been beneficial so parents can see what goes on during hours and can communicate through the app." ~Educator

"Children's House, Anita and Jen are very, very supportive in the Day Home Program and I feel blessed to be part of it" ~Educator

"Storypark app has benefited my program by seeing the developmental tags, watch the growth, communication between parents and us." ~Educator

"Thanks for all your hard work as our Coordinator, thank you for Agency Substitute caregiving- it is a peace of mind knowing children are able to keep with their routine"

~ Educator

"My day home educator is excellent. Takes to different fun places. Cultural activities too!" ~Parent

"I love seeing what the group is up to or what they have done through Storypark." ~Parent

"Since July 2017- my provider has really helped my child grow and develop into what he is today. I have no worries leaving him as I know he is in exceptional care!" ~ Parent

"My provider goes above and beyond to provide love and care to each child" ~ Parent

"We love to get the updates on Storypark and see the pictures of daily activities" ~ Parent

"We have been with our provider since September and are very happy with the level of care and programming provided" ~Parent

"Our family loves Storypark. Get to keep updated throughout the day!" ~ Parent

"I love seeing all the activities my child gets to do with her provider" ~Guardian 

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