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Children's House Early Learning Centre

The Children's House Child Care Society is a licensed early learning centre through the Government of Alberta that offers early learning and child care opportunities for families in Lethbridge and the surrounding areas.

Our Centre follows Flight: Alberta's Early Learning and Care Framework; we provide a play-based environments that focus on an emergent curriculum that is grounded in child development. We believe every child is unique, has the right to individually express themselves and contribute their own values and culture to their learning.

We believe that children have the right to feel safe, supported, and have their individual needs met while having long periods of uninterrupted play. Our educators build caring relationships with families and the community creating places of vitality for children.


We believe that children are capable and confident mighty learners and citizens. Children are co-researchers with families and educators and are valued to ask questions and seek answers. Children are able to assess their own risk and test their theories in their own time and share their knowledge in a safe place. Children are able to make their own independent decisions and learn through trial and error while being respected.

We have 4 different learning environments at Children's House for your children to explore and grow in. 


Our Birch Room is home to our youngest mighty learners and citizens.  Here you will find our  infants and toddlers (11 months-2.5 years old) exploring and creating as they co-learn and build relationships with their peers and educators.


In the Maple Room you will find our 2.5-3.5 year old citizens participating in large and small group activities where the children are able to play, create, and imagine together.  Through their play and explorations, the children are   developing a strong and resilient learner identity.


Our Evergreen Room is home to our 3.5-4.5 year old citizens.  Here, their educators co-learn and co-research right alongside the children as interests and ideas are expressed and shared.  Working together their educators nurture those interests and strengthen them as the children make meaning of their world.

The Oak Room is home to our Acorn (4-5 year old) and our Kindergarten (5-6 year) citizens.  Here you will find an environment where the children are able to co-construct their knowledge in relationships with their peers, educators and environment.  

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