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"Big thanks to Ms. Petersen and Teacher Jennifer for teaching wonderful things.  Overall 11/10.  We leave sad full of love for all."  -Parent

"Kindergarten has been the best choice for our son.  We feel that he is more than ready for grade 1 and has the confidence he needs.  Many thanks." -Parent

"The Children’s House has some of the most amazing staff we have come across in childcare. It is clear they truly enjoy their jobs and love the children they work with. Our sons kindergarten experience has also exceeded our expectations and we are amazed with the learning that is taking place each day. The smaller class size and immense experience Mrs. Peterson brings has been such a blessing." ~Parent

"Thank you Ms. Petersen and Teacher Jennifer for everything because my daughter is talking English better and she is improving herself here in Canada (new country)" ~Parent

"The Children’s House has been absolutely amazing with our little one. It’s so clear to see that teacher truly care about the kids. You guys are the best! I’m beyond happy to have my daughter going to a place that has such loving staff. ❤️ keep up the good work!" ~Parent

"We really liked having our son attend this school.  He always came home happy and learned lots."  ~Parent

"Children's House staff and admin were absolutely great!!!  My child loves all of you!!   Thank you for a great experience!!!"  ~Parent

"Everyone was so awesome when my child first arrived when she was only 19 months old.  Still, everyone is so awesome.  We will miss everyone."  ~Parent

"Off to grade one!  We love you all!" ~Parent

"I am immensely grateful for all the care my child received.  Her knowledge in academics, emotional regulation, and social skills have improved vastly as a result of the amazing staff at Children's House.  Thank you all!"  ~Parent


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