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" My  granddaughter has had nothing but positive experiences at this daycare" ~ Grandparent

"Extremely Positive!!! The teachers and staff have been great to our son D. ". ~ Parent

" I wish my son continues here, but unfortunately it is beyond my control as I have to relocate. This is one of the best daycares I have ever seen. Thank you for all the support to A.  ~ Parent

"We have had many wonderful years at Children's House.  Our Kids always enjoyed going and had great experiences.  The staff are absolutely amazing and would definitely recommend to anyone looking for childcare." -Parent

"Our experience at The Children's House was wonderful.  All staff was prepared, always happy with the kids." -Parent

"Great experience! We very much appreciate the care our daughter received."-Parent

"Children's House Daycare is a place you want to send your child.  The staff are professional, caring, patient.  You feel as if you are a part of a family.  Truly recommend." -Parent

"Our daughter enjoyed her time here.  Thank you." -Parent

"We had a good experience, our daughter enjoyed the teachers.  She has learnt a lot from the staff & kids.  Thank-you, again" -Parent

"Me and my wife like your daycare and was very good.  We will try recommend member of our friend to register with you" -Parent

"The children’s house has some of the most caring and fun-loving staff in childcare.  My son is always learning exciting new things during his play time at daycare. My son looks forward to daycare everyday and is a second home for him." ~Parent

"The Children's House has fostered love, connection, and collaboration amongst our children and educators. They have done a fantastic job facilitating our children's learning and social connection. It has been clear they value safety, emotional and educational growth and put the children first. We are forever grateful for the Children's house for their deep love & care." ~Parent

“Our experience at the Children’s House Daycare has been nothing but fantastic since day one, management and staff are all incredible caring, respectful, loving and dedicated to what they do. The year as well to day to day activities are always well planned and the chef (in non-covid times) is great and offers the children a great variety of foods. Our son has been going there for 2 years and our daughter is starting this summer and I feel excited for her to have many great experiences and days and I feel calm knowing that she will be greatly cared for." ~Parent

"The Children’s House has some of the most amazing staff we have come across in childcare. It is clear they truly enjoy their jobs and love the children they work with. Our sons kindergarten experience has also exceeded our expectations and we are amazed with the learning that is taking place each day. The smaller class size and immense experience Mrs. Petersen brings has been such a blessing." ~Parent

"This was an amazing place for my daughter to go, she has learned so much and is more ready then ever." ~Parent

"Positive, would still like to remain on the Board." ~Parent

"Thanks for all your hard work." ~Parent

"You always see the best in our little ones and we love hearing about it, thank you!" ~Parent

My child and I had a great experience at your daycare.  Your staff were attentive to all his needs including medical.  He has grown a lot die to all the hard work at Children's House" ~Parent

"His stay in the Children's House Daycare is quite short but he has been impacted in several positive ways.  If we had our way, he would still remain.  The school environment is pergect, the teachers are excellent and the teaching style is superb.  All we can say is thank you!!!" ~Parent

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