Administrative Staff

Anita Entz

Executive Director


Hi, I am Anita.

I grew up as a Hutterite in Saskatchewan, spending my time as a child (from 6 to 13 years) babysitting young children. After leaving the colony, a whole new world opened where I was able to choose my own career, and have access to education that had not been an option for me before.

I was first introduced to Children’s House as a practicum student in 2012. This is also the year that I worked here for the summer before going back to college to complete my education, graduating with a Child Care Supervisor qualification in 2013. I returned to Children’s House and was placed in the Maple room as a primary Educator. Since then I have held positions of Supervisor, Acting Director and now Executive Director since 2017.

As part of ongoing professional development, I am part of the Core Pedagogical team for the FLIGHT curriculum framework at Children’s House Where we meet in reflective practice to look at the curriculum and look at the next steps towards higher quality for the center. I also attend the Child Care Directors of Southwest Alberta meetings, and Fairy Dust teaching series-online on a regular basis.

I love the field of Early Childhood because we see children with huge amounts of possibilities and a whole world waiting for them to explore. I enjoy spending time in the classroom co-learning with the children as they share their theories and together, we get to wonder what happens next. I get excited when a child’s eyes light up with pride in their idea or accomplishment -ones that they choose to tackle. I believe that children are able, capable, and need time to know themselves without adult pressure to reach the next step/level/milestone. Children will amaze you every time you give them the time, space and right to just be. When the adult chatter fades, the children can be found.

Jen Block

Inclusive Supports/Supervisor


Welcome, I’m Jen! After graduating from the Early Childhood Program in 2000 with my Child Development Supervisor Certification, I have spent my time working in the Early Learning and Childcare field ever since. I have worked in many settings; an educator in centre-based care, an educational assistant in elementary school, ARCQE mentor, and a day home educator. Being with children is my passion.

I have been with The Children’s House Child Care Society as the Day Home Coordinator, Consultant, and Home Visitor since 2012 and most recently included the position society wide as the Inclusive Supports Coordinator/Supervisor. I attend the Child Care Directors Association of Southwest Alberta and Lethbridge Early Years Coalition, places where professionals prioritize children’s early years. I have been part of the GRASP- Guiding Responsive Approaches to Strengthening Practice and ELCC- Early Learning and Child Care pilot projects within our society that focus on networking, providing regular and sustained support and access to quality care for all families.


I have been fortunate to continue my learning in the field throughout the years and most recently received my certificate of completion of the Flight course: Exploring Early Childhood Curriculum: Play, Possibilities and Participation through MacEwan University, I am now a member of Children's House Core Flight Team.  In 2019 I helped develop our Riverbottom Program where the children,  Leslee and myself spent the whole day in the river bottom exploring and connecting with nature.  I love expanding my knowledge and continuing to reflect on my practices. I love being part of a society that allows me to co-learn, co-research, and co-imagine possibilities with children, families, and educators within our programs. 


Exploring in nature; hiking, fishing, hunting, camping and gardening with my husband and two children is where you will find me outside of work.


Leslee Deacon-Rogers

Pedagogical Mentor/Educator

Hello and nice to meet you!  My name is Leslee and I have been part of the Children’s House team since June 2015.  In 2021 I completed my ELCC Certificate and have my level 2 certification.  I will be working towards my level 3 certification in the Fall.  I have been fortunate to be able to work with all ages of children here at the centre, starting in our toddler room (Birch Room), moving into the three year old room (Maple Room) and after completing the Exploring Early Childhood Curriculum: Play, Possibilities and Participation in 2018, I moved into our 4 year old room (Evergreen Room) where I developed an emergent curriculum practice based on the children’s interests. 


I joined a pilot project through GRIT and became the Site Lead for A.S.a.P. where I worked to implement social and emotional development in an inclusive environment.  During this time in the Evergreen Room, I was excited to build a partnership with the children in my classroom and the residents at the Edith Cavell Care Home with regular monthly visits to play and build relationships.  I also created a Riverbottom Program where the children,  Jen and myself spent the whole day in the river bottom exploring and connecting with nature.  In September 2019 I accepted an administrative position of Pedagogical Mentor  where I work with my fellow educators and the children in their classrooms as we implement the Flight: Early Learning and Child Care Curriculum in our centre, I am also a member of the Core Flight Team.  My favourite part of working at Children’s House is learning about each child and their family’s individual values and reflecting on how we can nurture those beliefs together. 


When I’m not at the centre you can find me enjoying time outside in my garden, in the coulees or river bottom with Harlee my pup or spending time with my family.


Beth Petersen

Kindergarten Teacher/Educator


My name is Beth Petersen.  I grew up in Santa Ana, California, I have my Bachelor of Science Degree and an Associate of Arts Degree in Early Childhood Development from the California State Polytechnic University in San Luis Obispo, California.  I received my Bachelor of Education from the University of Lethbridge specializing in Early Childhood Education.  I studied and completed the Children’s Mental Health program at Mount Royal College.  Additionally, I have extensive training on autism.  I completed the Flight Curriculum course through Grant MacEwan as of January 2019, I am currently a member of the Core Flight Team at Children’s House.

I have 2 grown children and 2 grandchildren.  When not at Children’s House, I enjoy camping, music, running, reading and spending time with my family.

I believe children are mighty learners.  I enjoy watching as they inquire, investigate, explore and research.  My favorite thing to do with children in my class is explore and co research all about insects in the spring and summer.  Part of my education in California included collecting 50 different species of live insects and arachnids and preparing a display showcase to present to my professor and class.

June Grover



Hi, my name is Harumi June Grover.  I grew up in Taber and have been working in the Early Childhood field for 45 years, I graduated from Lethbridge College in 1975.  Prior to being and Early Childhood Educator I was a licensed hairdresser.  I have been employed by Children's House since 1998.  My greatest joy is with infants and toddlers and their families. 

I have three children and three grandchildren.  I am the oldest of six,  4 brothers and 1 sister.  

My favourite past time is doing crafts of all kinds and watching the cooking shows.

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of a group of wonderful staff.




Welcome!  My name is Jennifer.  I have been an educator at Children’s House since January 2001.  I have spent time in the kitchen preparing snacks and lunches, in the Maple Room with the 3-year-olds but, the majority of my time here has been devoted to the Oak Room (4-5yrs).  My group of the children is the Acorns, children not in Kindergarten, but I am involved with the whole group.


I grew up in the Crowsnest Pass and did my Early Childhood Education through Lethbridge College in an 18-month distance program which gave me the unique experience to work in 6 different child care centres while completing my training at the same time.


I participated in the Children’s Mental Health program through Mount Royal College.  Most recently I attended a 2-day forum virtually on implementing strategies in the classroom to help children who have experienced trauma in various forms.


When I’m not at Children’s House you can find me camping, walking or siting with a fresh cup of coffee, listening to quiet music and reading a good book.

Brenda Martin

ASaP Site Lead/Educator


My name is Brenda Martin. I started with Children’s House in April 2014 in the 4-year-old room (Evergreen), moved to the Toddler room (Birch). Continued into the threes (Maple), then back to Evergreen. During a slow period, I was moved into the kitchen for the mornings, and with the children in the afternoon.  I currently work in the Evergreen room with children aged 3.5-4.5. I love working with all ages of children, but 3-4 is my favourite age, as they are so inquisitive.


In my spare time I enjoy camping, baking, reading and being with my family. I have been married for 12 years and have three children aged 23, 22, 12. I also love hiking, and being outdoors, (but not in winter.) Prior to children’s house I worked in the customer service industry for 30 years. From worker, all the way to manager.


I believe that unless your child is dirty at the end of the day, did they really learn anything? A running joke I have with the children at the centre is that there are only three rules that I have at daycare. 1. No smiling. 2. No laughing. And the most important rule of them all....No having fun. I love each child as they are my own, and miss them on weekends. I look forward to getting to know you and your child as though they are my own family.

Elen Sekali



Hi, (Marhaba)

I am Elen, I am teacher in Maple Room (3 years old).  I started with Children’s House in January 3, 2017 as a float teacher then I moved to Birch Room (toddlers) then now in Maple Room.  For me this my first job in Canada, because I moved to Canada in 2016.  I studied English in Lethbridge College 2017.  After that I looked for job and my chance it was in Children’s House, I am lucky to have this job because all teachers support me to take certificate and study Flight course.  I appreciate their support.


Why I choose to work in daycare?  Because in my back home I was teacher over 13 years in high school, I know it is hard to move from teenagers to children, but my friends in daycare help me and taught me how I can work with children, and the daycare gave me chance for many training so that help me to get more experience, and my Boss gave me her trust for translate from Arabic to English or from English to Arabic that more than my expect.  I found new family in Children’s House and I want to say thank you to everyone for their helping and support.

Thank you, my new family.

Aimee Lahoda



Hi, I’m teacher Aimee, I am an educator at Children’s House.  You can find me in the Birch Room with our youngest mighty learners!  I started out as summer staff May of 2019 and now I am excited to join the Children’s House team full time beginning Fall of 2020!  I am a Child Development Assistant and am working towards a higher certification. 


During my free time I enjoy taking pictures and capturing beautiful moments between family’s and friends! Through this journey I have come to see my true passion for early education, when I started at Children’s House, I was going into my second year of college for Interior Design.  I soon fell in love with Children’s House and secretly knew this might just be the path for me!


My favourite part of my job is learning through the children’s eyes! They have taught me so much already and I can’t wait to continue learning and growing with them! My teaching philosophy is education is not the filling of a bucket, but the lighting of a fire.




Hi everyone or as we say in Jamaica WAH GWAAN. My name is Jauna-dale Lord and I am originally from the beautiful island of Jamaica.  I reflect a varied personality including ambition and the qualities of generosity and thoughtfulness.  I am a well determined and calm individual, I encourage fighting for what you desire and believe, and doing it through God because nothing great comes easy and with God all things are possible.


I am a graduate from the Lethbridge College,  motivated by my love for learning and working with children I choose to become an Early Childhood Educator.  I believe that we as Educators play vital roles in the lives of the children we meet. The early years of a child’s life are the foundation for his or her future, so as an educator and a mom I believe I can help in providing a strong base for lifelong learning.


Apart from the above, I have a keen interest in gardening it brings me such peace. I also enjoy nature walks, watching the beautiful sunset and most importantly spending time with my children.

Yu Jin Ide


Yu Jin.JPG

Hello, my name is Yu Jin and my title is child development supervisor. I have a bachelor of fine arts degree from the University of Manitoba. I love being creative and doing anything about art in general. I graduated from Lethbridge college and I have a Level III certificate. I am currently working in the Oak Room and I have been working at Children’s House since October 2019.

Previously I worked in two different child centres where I taught pre-kindergarten. I have been working in this field about 5 years now.


My favourite part of my job is I can learn from the children. It’s amazing that there is always something new to learn and there’s full of surprises every day. I just love being here with the children.


My philosophy is I believe that children learn best through play. I am looking forward to learning and explore new things with the children through play.

Hyunbae Yang



Hi, my name is Hyunbae. I was born in Seoul, which is one of the busiest cities in the world.  My life in Korea was busy.  I came to Canada to experience something new and am learning to get fresh, new perspectives I had not experienced in Korea through good and kind Canadians.  The most favorite thing for me in Alberta is that I can look at Alberta’s clear blue sky.  This makes me to feel the vastness of God and expand my mind.

I am a father of two daughters and one son.  My family is teaching me how to love other people. My family is very precious to me. I realize that other families are precious too, just like my family is precious. I try to treasure every child I meet.

I am a Child Development Worker, ECE Level 2 and love spending time with children, especially physically. Children are mighty learners. When doing physical activity, they are happy. I am happy when I hear the sound of my friends laughing.
My hobby is martial art such as Kendo, Judo and Boxing. That’s because I want to win battling myself and live a meaningful life by controlling myself.